The Wolfwalk Experience

The Wolfwalk Experience was formed in 2015 by 5 musicians from Darmstadt to make Hard Rock music, influenced by classical music and modern Progressive Rock, creating an extraordinary, new Rock sound. With 5 members from 4 different countries, the current international line-up with its contrasting musical backgrounds was able to come up with surprisingly new rock sounds, that connect to the listeners, whether with driving rock or gentle ballads. When composing, it is of most importance for TWE to create harmonically interesting music without losing the driving force of rock!
The Wolfwalk Experience
The Wolfwalk Experience
Looking for some new inspiration?

Our fantastic friends at BEL BLAIRhave created a playlist with us and many of our friends like Atrio and The Jukes from the area with the goal of sharing and supporting each other in these crazy times.

Many of these bands have lost gigs they very much looked forward to, so maybe stop by and give them a listen! 🙂

My personal favorite find are Soulution, you should definitely check them out for some great prog chops!

The link is in our bio and I will post it as a comment to. Stay safe you all!

The Wolfwalk Experience
The Wolfwalk Experience
We’re a little late again but we really need to put out a MASSIVE thank you for all the people that came along last Saturday and helped us into the @bandsupporter_official contest semifinals!

Also we’re sharing the stage with @lwd_band at @juzlangen tomorrow night. Stagetime 21:00. Hooray!

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The Wolfwalk Experience
The Wolfwalk Experience
Hey, since people seemed to enjoy the last in depth post on Vision, we thought we’d do another one on Jigsaw.

For me personally it does so much for a song when I can connect the different words I picked up with what is going on musically and a story (I just recently learned Radiohead’s Faust Arp is about a break up because dummy me doesn’t listen to lyrics and now the whole think just makes so much more sense!).

So maybe this post does something for you too. Anyway, enjoy deep diving. Also sorry @watchpolyphonic for kind of ripping of your catchphrase there!

#deepdive #behindthelyrics #songwriting #storytelling #worldbuilding #jigsaw #puzzle #geniusbehindthelyrics #graphicdesign #progressive #rock #newsong #story #lyricsmatter
The Wolfwalk Experience
The Wolfwalk Experience
The Wolfwalk Experience
Anyone else bored out of their mind? Well, I am.

So we wrote down the whole concept behind Vision.
We put a lot of thought into what we do and I thought I'd share it so you can have another reason not to talk to your annoying relative for a few minutes.

Disclaimer: It's a bit nerdy and depressing. But then again, if you have listened to any of our music you might have noticed that that is a partially reoccurring theme.

Anyways, happy holidays! May the drinks be in your favor.

#storytime #release #concept #behindthelyrics #artwork #worldbuilding #cover #thinkingtoomuch #moth #butterfly #behindthesong #listentothis #newmusic
The Wolfwalk Experience
The Wolfwalk Experience
Vision is out now! Check out the full song via the link in our bio.

Fitting the darker December days this song thrives on the warm, lush soundscaping and dreamy guitars.
Maybe listen to it on your way home to your families, your evening walk, with a glass of wine before bed, in the dark or alone. Just take your time.

We‘d love to hear what you think! 🙂

Thanks again @patriciatruchsess for the absolute perfect photograph for this artwork!

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