The Wolfwalk Experience

The Wolfwalk Experience was formed in 2015 by 5 musicians from Darmstadt to make Hard Rock music, influenced by classical music and modern Progressive Rock, creating an extraordinary, new Rock sound. With 5 members from 4 different countries, the current international line-up with its contrasting musical backgrounds was able to come up with surprisingly new rock sounds, that connect to the listeners, whether with driving rock or gentle ballads. When composing, it is of most importance for TWE to create harmonically interesting music without losing the driving force of rock!
The Wolfwalk Experience
The Wolfwalk Experience

Hello everyone, last year we had the honor of winning the progressive category at the #hofa-songcontest! This year we put up Vision to run for it again but we depend on your help for that. We‘d very much appreciated it if you could drop by, leave a vote and and maybe a comment too.

You‘re alI the best! Stay safe and all.
xx- the wolfwalks

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The Wolfwalk Experience


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