Jigsaw (Single, 2020)

The concept of Vision is based on a dissociation between what you think you see, what you want and the realisation of what you are.

Imagine the ideal. Imagine pure beauty, what ever that may be to you. Imagine perfection, unreachable but still hauntingly beautiful. Always too far out to have.

Now what if this ideal reality started to crack, lose its charade? What if bliss had actually always been in our reach but we just never tried?

This song is begging for those things to keep their mystery, so we can keep peace for a bit longer. So we are not tortured by our worries, that it was our own fault. That we could have, should have been a braver version of our selves.

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Vision (Single, 2019)

Imagine the ideal. Imagine an idea, a concept you built, so beautiful, so powerful that you long for it every second of your existence as an excuse for your own shortcomings.
But the second you reach this state of absolute perfection you know you will be forced to admit that it can never be true. This means you can never have it because if this ideal loses its all-possessing glory you have to acknowledge your personal inadequacy.

We tried to capture this existential conflict by giving the song a dreamy, mellow sound held together by the guitars staccatto picking. Slowly building up Visions erupts in the moment the character realises this dissociation, ending with the plea for the ideal to never change.

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Bring It On (Single, 2019)

This song is about the things we don’t dare to say. The things we try to coax out of each other. There is a point where all you want is to finally get it on and see what is left over when every single word has been said and everything has been done.

We tried to capture this dreadful calmness, the mental buildup and the storm you encounter when you finally address these issues.

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International Phonographic I (2018)

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