The Band



“atmospheric and sophisticated sound”

[Taunus Nachrichten 25/04/2018]

Where old meets new and beauty meets the abyss,
the Wolfwalk Experience have found their musical home.

Compared to bands like Porcupine Tree or Muse on one end, to Deep Purple on the other, the Wolfwalk Experience boldly walks its ambitious path, curious of what’s to come.

Born in 2015 from the creative hub that is the “musische gruppe auerbach” in Darmstadt, the five piece around Wolfgang Schneider soon branched out and played reknowned stages like the Centralstation in Darmstadt, the Klangstation in Bonn or Koop in Taunusstein.

From its humble beginnings as a student band, the Wolfwalk Experience soon developed its progressive signature sound, relying heavily on the soundscapes created by Achim Stein, intricate vocals arrangements and drum driven grooves.

We are looking forward to the upcoming release of our first CD,
“International Phonographic I”.
The newest development: We are no longer just playing in our normal band formation, but work also as the background band for the musical “Bare” in the musische gruppe auerbach!